Welcome al Noir Club!

Noir2.0 is an elegant and exclusive private club.  It wants to be a  center of aggregation and culture; a space created  to offer opportunities for meeting and knowing that are always different. Noir 2.0 is a real place where time once entered, seems to stop.

The Circle is inspired by the principles of free association and pursues in favor of its own associated with the development of recreational activities designed to foster social relations.


Noir club is closed from the 28th of July to the 4 of September

The 5th of Semptember is open  new season

Next events:

Saturday the 21st of September

Libertine minds, curious souls, rebel hearts we are waiting for you all from all over Europe and around to celebrate together the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock, the legend, under the motto of “Peace and Love, Sex and Music”This is the new exciting Noir club – Spicy Match 2019/20 season DRESS CODE: sexy hippy