Internal regulation

1. Access to the club is reserved exclusively for members who are of age and regularly registered. The card is issued with precise formalities.

2. When registering, the member signs and approves the Statute of the Association and the implementing regulation.

3. In order to guarantee a constant balance between couples and individuals, we strongly urge them to book their entry in advance by phone or mail.

4. The Association guarantees full freedom of thought, opinion and behavior in compliance with the legal system.

5. The Association guarantees internal freedom of speech, thought, opinion and behavior always in full compliance with current regulations.

6. The Association rejects and fights the use of drugs and prostitution. Anyone who fails to comply with this provision, in addition to the immediate loss of membership status, with simultaneous withdrawal of the membership card, will be reported to the competent authorities.

7. It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or video footage inside the venue. The privacy and confidentiality of the members must always be protected.